May C. Randazzo Scholarship

May Randazzo, APR, public relations manager at Graphic Controls, died after a brief illness in 1997. She was only 57. In her honor, the May C. Randazzo Memorial Scholarship was established.

May made many lasting contributions to the profession, both locally and nationally. Her most enduring impressions can be found in the lives she touched - friends she advised, students she taught, and volunteers she trained. As a leader in the field of public relations, May deliberated on the future of the profession and took an active role in shaping it. She was named the chapter's 1991 Practitioner of the Year and was a past chapter president.

May had a special interest in students and emerging talents within the profession. She helped establish the PRSSA chapter at Canisius College, supervised countless internships, and served as a mentor to new and seasoned professionals alike.

The Buffalo Niagara Chapter of PRSA, with the blessing of May's family, established the scholarship to honor college students who best demonstrate the ideals May so strongly believed were the keys to the future of our profession: leadership, community service, and scholastic achievement. It's one way to ensure May Randazzo continues to influence the lives of future public relations professionals for generations to come.

The chapter has formed a partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo to administer the scholarship and oversee the selection process. PRSA will work closely with the Foundation to ensure each scholarship is awarded in concert with May's ideas and examples.

Scholarships are available to college students attending colleges/universities in the geographic area served by the Buffalo Niagara Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.


May C. Randazzo Scholarship winner

Qualifying students should have a declared major in the field of communication with an emphasis on those students pursuing a career in public relations.


Additional Considerations
1. The scholarship should be awarded to the qualifying student(s) who has demonstrated the following:

          A) A high level of scholastic achievement
          B) An active interest in community service

2. Preference will be given to students entering junior and senior years, including non-traditional students.

3. Additional consideration will be given to members of Public Relations Student Society of America.

4. Should there be more than one qualifying student who has demonstrated the criteria set out in "1" above, the scholarship should be awarded to the student with the greatest unmet financial need.

5. The amount of the award cannot exceed the unmet financial need of the leading candidate. If there are funds available in excess of the award to the leading candidate, an award may be given to the runner-up that also cannot exceed his or her unmet financial need.

6. The award is paid directly to the school in two equal segments at the beginning of each semester. Scholarships are awarded for one (1) academic year. If a recipient leaves or graduates after one semester the award is forfeited for the second semester.

7. Recipients may continue to apply for a scholarship each year until they graduate. No special consideration will be given to past recipients who will be treated equally with other candidates.

8. There shall be no discrimination against race, color, creed, sex or the student's selection of a qualified school.

9. Professionals from the public relations field, along with members of the May C. Randazzo Scholarship Committee, will choose the scholarship winner(s).

All applicants must complete an application form, which will be available soon.

May C. Randazzo Scholarship Committee Chair:
Eileen Herbert
Canisius College
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14208
Phone: 716-888-2790