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31st Annual Excalibur Awards 

Resources and FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What if I haven’t submitted in a while (or ever)?
    • Are you a first-time entrant or someone who hasn’t entered since before 2015? You’re eligible to SAVE 10% off your first entry for 2020! Not sure when you submitted last? Contact the Excalibur Committee at [email protected]
  • When and where are the 2019 Excalibur Awards taking place?
    • Mark your calendars for Thursday, June 25, 2020 via virtual ceremony
  • Are there any restrictions about what I can submit online?
    • "Campaigns" entries should be limited to two pages, while "Tactics" entries should be limited to one page. You can submit attachments for supporting materials; total file size  should be no more than 10 MB. In addition, you can provide up to three  online links, such as videos and news coverage. 
  • What's the difference in judging criteria between the "Campaigns" and "Tactics" divisions? 
    • The judging criteria for campaigns for both Campaigns and Tactics are outlined in the Call for Entries.