Mentoring Program

Welcome to the PRSA Buffalo Niagara Mentoring Program! Managed by the PRSSA Liaison Committee, this new mentoring program offers an opportunity to connect PRSA professional members and PRSSA student members in the Buffalo area. Students will be able to work with mentors to gain networking experience, prepare for interviews, review final projects, revise resumes and ask questions about the public relations industry.

How the program works:

PRSA professional members and PRSSA student members have access to an online portal (requires membership login) that allows them to apply for either a mentor or mentee position. Applicants will be asked a variety of questions and be able to choose from two program options:

  • Occasional meetings for informal one-on-one coffee/lunch visits (or be available via phone or email) to discuss career interests and ask questions. The mentor and mentee will be responsible for determining the frequency of these meetings, but it’s expected that the relationship will last the duration of the student’s semester.

  • One-time meeting to review resumes and cover letters, portfolio projects, interview process questions or other big projects. The mentor and mentee will be responsible for determining the time, date and location of this meeting.

This information will be sent to the PRSSA Liaison Committee, which will then use this information to match mentees with the appropriate mentors. Once the connection has been made, it will be up to the mentors and mentees to set up and facilitate meetings.

Mentor benefits:

  • Provide career support that makes a difference in the lives of future practitioners.

  • Contribute to the growth of the profession during Buffalo’s resurgence.

  • Boost your leadership skills as you help students transition into careers.

  • Grow your own network of professional connections in the industry.

*Mentors must be a PRSA Buffalo Niagara member.

Mentee benefits:

  • Ask the area’s top professionals career questions in a safe and comfortable setting.

  • Build a network of professional connections/connect with prospective employers.

  • Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and gain new knowledge.

  • Get an inside look at how to succeed in the workplace and balance responsibilities.

Get involved:

Want to learn more?
Contact a member of the PRSSA Liaison Committee at [email protected].