Power PR Conference Keynote Speaker - Brandi Boatner

About the Keynote Speaker

Brandi Boatner
Digital Experience Manager
IBM Global Technology Services

Brandi BoatnerAs digital experience manager for IBM’s Global Technology Services in New York City, Brandi Boatner is responsible for developing and driving worldwide digital communications that supports the way IBM engages with enterprise IT professionals in the digital world globally (including websites, blogs, social media and mobile devices).

Prior to this role, Brandi was a member of IBM’s Global Business Services, working as an external relations professional. She led social and digital media strategies promoting IBM’s Institute for Business Value industry thought leadership and IBM’s C-suite studies, as well as multiple social activation initiatives for Global Services subject-matter experts.

Brandi is a former national president of PRSSA and holds several leadership positions in PRSA on both the local and national levels. Outside of PRSA, she is an advisory council member for the LAGRANT Foundation, which supports minority students in marketing, advertising and public relations.

Brandi is an advocate for diversity and the next generation of leaders and public relations professionals, speaking around the U.S. to various colleges and universities about the future of the industry. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, shoe shopping, traveling the world, dancing, reading, hanging out with her friends in New York and spending time with her loving family.

Presentation Description

In the digital age, content is still the undisputed champion. With content ranging from articles, byliners, op-ads, blog posts, infographics, and podcasts to videos, how do you create content that stands out from the crowd?

We don’t connect to crowds, we connect to individuals within the crowds. PR professionals need to evolve their role as a practitioner into a role of a data scientist in order to increase brand awareness and build customer engagement. What is a data scientist? A data scientist is a hybrid of a business analyst and artistic storyteller who uses data and analytics to shape a business narrative.

Analytics can help PR pros better understand customers and anticipate their future behavior and needs. By understanding your customers better, you can provide the level of service that will increase retention and turn customers into advocates.