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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I heard the entry submission process changed in 2015. What's different? 
    Quite a bit! It's much easier to submit your entries this year, thanks to our new online system. No more need to compile binders and deliver them somewhere in Western New York. Just click here to get started. For more details, view our Call for Entries packet.

  2. What other changes happened with the awards program?
    Besides the online entry process, a major change is new judging criteria for "Campaigns" versus "Tactics." We think you'll find the process simpler, clearer and more conducive to submit your great work for awards! 

    We've also extended the timeline for the work performed. You can now submit anything from a 15-month span: January 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

    Be sure to check out the revised categories for Campaigns and Tactics when you review the Call for Entries packet.

    Finally, if you're a first-time entrant or have not submitted an entry since 2013, you can save 10% off your first entry!

  3. When and where are the 2018 Excalibur Awards taking place?
    Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 27, at the Tralf Music Hall in downtown Buffalo.

  4. Are there any restrictions about what I can submit online?
    "Campaigns" entries should be limited to two pages, while "Tactics" entries should be limited to one page. You can submit attachments for supporting materials; total filesize should be no more than 10 MB. In addition, you can provide up to three online links, such as videos and news coverage.

  5. What's the difference in judging criteria between the "Campaigns" and "Tactics" divisions?
    The judging criteria for campaigns are largely unchanged from past years; the judges will review research and planning, execution, and results and evaluation.

    For "Tactics," the judging criteria (based on 30 points) includes:
    - Planning/Content (10 points) 
    - Execution, Creativity & Quality (15 points) 
    - Results & Evaluation (5 points) 
    - Technical Compliance (1 point)  

    Review the Call for Entries packet for additional details.

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