Membership Information

Membership Types

National membership options are based on your experience in the profession:

Do you have more than three years’ experience in public relations?
$310 annual dues ($260 national plus $50 chapter). A one-time $65 initiation fee applies.

Two to three years’ experience?
$250 annual dues ($200 national/$50 chapter).

One to two years’ experience?
$205 annual dues ($155 national/$50 chapter).

Less than one year experience?
$165 annual dues ($115 national/$50 chapter).

Were you a PRSSA member who graduated within the past two years?
$110 annual dues ($60 national/$50 chapter).

Are you a full-time graduate student working toward a public relations degree?
$110 annual dues ($60 national/$50 chapter).

Are you part of an organization that has eight or more individuals interested in joining?
A group membership offers special benefits and discounted rates on first-year dues. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Are you retired or semi-retired?
If you have been a PRSA member for at least five years and are retired or semi-retired (working less than half time), you are eligible to renew as a Retiree. $100 ($50 national plus $50 chapter)



Renewing Your Membership

Members are billed on the anniversary of the date they joined PRSA. If you don’t respond to this invoice, you’ll be contacted twice more by national headquarters and once by the chapter. If you’re unpaid for two months, you’ll be dropped from the active file. Former members may be reinstated at any time by sending the appropriate annual dues, along with a $35 reinstatement fee.
Renew today!

Quarterly Billing Option

If desired, PRSA members can renew their membership on a quarterly payment plan. Your national dues will be automatically charged to your credit card each quarter (sorry, no checks or wire transfer payments). Any chapter, professional interest section and/or affinity group dues, plus a $15 annual service charge, will be charged in full in the first payment. Contact PRSA member services to sign up for this option.

Questions? Contact Grace Gerass, membership chair, at [email protected].